Our Impact

We have the zeal to convene diverse stakeholders to solve even toughest problems.

Expertise and Credibility

We are a network of advocates for human rights and community welfare. We mobilize the formidable force through communications, outreach and chapter-based grassroots. This is how we bring together the full power of GRONET on behalf of the community to address issues and further align and stregthen our network.

Our Coverage

Our networks and resources operate across the country, we do whatever it takes to reach to the vulnerable communities.


Working closely with grassroot allies, partners, nationals and the government, we work to protect our environment, human rights, public welfare, health care and alleviate poverty.

Refugees and migrants in Uganda

Hundreds and thousands of people are being forced from their homes/mother lands to Uganda, risking everything to escape conflicts, violence, disasters, poverty or hunger. From those fleeing the war in Sudan, Somalia, conflicts in DRC Congo, climate change-induced droughts and those stranded in unfavorable conditions, you can help us give life-saving support to refugees in Uganda because they need it most.

Our fight to Human rights

We aim at protecting and promoting human rights. We assess the potential harms - intentional and unintentional - arising from general programs for people marginalized or excluded because of their tribe, race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ethnic origin and veteran status. We look for practices in our programs that can transform the underlying factors which generate violence and oppression. This benefits all people who differ from mainstream conceptions in any community.

Our struggle to curb HIV/AIDS

GRONET provides psychosocial support in pretest/post test counseling, prevention, home based care, training and capacity building, and supportive aspects of HIV/AIDS. The scope of our services includes providing factual information about HIV/AIDS, STDs, treatment, Family Planning, stigma reduction, appropriate referral Services centers as well as enhancing people living positively with HIV. GRONET also promotes prevention of HIV infection through its interventions and strategies. Your Support is needed to fight this stagnant epidemic in Uganda.



Our activities and campaigns

Our programs have improved hundrends and thousands of lives around the country,
advanced their values, improved health and driven economic growth in
emerging markets.




The organization derives it's support and services from you the wellwishers in terms of it's Operation and Sustainability



We realized that achieving sustainable solutions to various challenges requires us to work in close collaboration with Governments, Agencies, Institutions and Organizations of all sizes.



We are committed to transparency and accountability. Our reports cover our work, illustrating campaigns, research, projects, activities, programs and financial figures.