Why need for community capacity building

Building the capacity of communities to deal with their own problems and development is an important aspect. All of this can go to promote the skills and capacities of communities and their members to better deal with the kinds of problems they may face.

Transforming young lives in Uganda

The young population in Uganda especially the girl child faces many challenges. These challenges expose them to many risks that are hindering their achievements in real life.GRONET sets necessary information, skills and services to enable them make uniformed decisions that will protect their lives, sexual and reproductive health and education for their bright future.

Women empowerment

Women have aright to security, to be heard, to have an identity, and to have access to basic social services. Empowering women it can thwart the violence and exploitation that oppresses them. We aim at supporting women's ability to build a financially and economicaly sustainable environment through setting up profitable enterprises by targeting specific vulnerable women.

Did You Know?

That 19.7% of Ugandans live below the poverty line.

Over 2.1 million graduate Ugandans are Unemployed.

The Youths

We generally define a youth as an intermediary phase that stands between childhood (15 Years) and adulthood (30 Years). Uganda is one of the countries with the highest youngest population in the world with 77% of its population. Ugandan youths experience different lifestyles and challenges depending on the communities they live in. Many youths decide to migrate from the rural areas to urban areas based on factors that include kinship ties, friendship ties, urban incomes, role of urban education and urban social systems. The unemployment rate in Uganda for the youths is 83%. This rate is even higher for those who have formal degrees and live in urban areas. This is due to the disconnect between the degree achieved and the vocational skills needed for jobs that are in demand for workers. Some youths have a negative response on certain jobs and they are unwilling to take them if offered a position. Youth unemployment poses a serious political, social and economic challenge to the country and its leadership, this cycle is making it difficult for Uganda to break out of poverty.


GRONET believes that capacity building and skills development for women helps them to access control and own productive resources individually and collectively. Women contribute 70% of labour in agriculture and yet they benefit only 30%, Strategies and policies on economic, financial, labour and agricultural policies should be implemented and reformed to enable women to benefit from their work. GRONET advocates to strengthen the capacity of civil society women to engage, influence and demand for gender responsive policies and guidelines for equitable national resource allocation, distribution and management because we believe that women are marginalized from economic resources distribution largely since they don't actively participate in decision making and lack a voice to influence the allocation of resources although Uganda's statistics show that women contribute 30% to the country's economic development but the benefits of distribution of economic resources don't reach the rural and urban poor women. .

We support young girls in persuit of their cherished dreams and aspirations.

Collaborating with different societies, a health strategy for Women empowerment.

For total social-economic transformation, youths are our target

Educating a girl child, is a remedy to domestic violence and oppression.
Support girl child education.


with Us,
Network for Good

Growth Networks ensures that all youths, women and girl's voices are heard in all forums to give the full participation in their government and the economy. We expand the circle of their leadership and a sharing platform for collective action by building a bridge across cultures, classes, ages, religions, life-styles and abilities.

GRONET seeks funds and resources to expand our effective network for the benefit of youths and women in the country, mostly those without hope, homes or resources.
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