The Organisation derives it's support from you the wellwishers in terms of it's operations and Sustainability. The operations cover activities, administrative costs and long term developments such as infrastructural setups, logistical, equipments and others.

Why Give to GRONET

GRONET appreciates the donations form well-wishers and good Samaritans. The support and intervention calls for a collective effort as communities have enormous challenges; some are Material, Financial, Health, Spiritual and Moral while others need education and skills to transform them. Donate to our education programs, activities, projects and protect the marginalised because their survival is in your hands.
Be Part of something bigger, Join a cause and set an example.

Will my Donation count

A little support can make a big difference.
A small $10 donation will help a rural/urban marginalised family for 3 days.
"Will you make a small donation today?"
GRONET believes that whatever donation is given will count a lot toward the community/people supported. We have and we shall continue to update the community challenges and dynamics with evidence based interventions reflecting on the dimensions of the intervention and areas that call for support. You will see how your donation really does a big difference.


How it's going to be used

Our work is 100% voluntarily funded, and 90% of every contribution gets to people in need. Every donation makes a difference (One by One, Makes a bundle). Progressive reports will always be expected from us with evidence based interventions (images and videos) for transparency and accountability. Our reports will always be uploaded and updated on a monthly basis.

How You Can Help

You can help now by giving to our campaigns and supporting our special projects and activities if you're passionate about a particular area of our work. Give through your pay, it doesn't only deduct your tax but it also saves a life. You can as well as include a bequest in your will to GRONET and you help to change the world. Find a walk in your community, raise money for GRONET and raise your fitness as well. Join our events.
If your donation is in form of physical items you can register the items and send them to our address or you can visit our office. Please use the mail for any further guidance or clarification. You can as well as make a difference by creating a fundraising page and fundraise for GRONET.
We Need Your Help.




"He who secures the life of others has already secured his own"


Potential well-wishers

NetWork With Us,
NetWork for Good.

Even if you don't have much disposable income, giving just a little of what you have can benefit your life and that of the needy. Giving to others increases the capacity of your love, you will realise that even if you don't have much but you have enough to share with others.

We help different groups of people with specific needs. Your donation helps to alleviate poverty, hunger, support human rights, homelessness and at the same time, it can improve community life by promoting honesty, freindliness, enhanced happiness, health, Sanitation, Hygiene, environmental protection, co-operation, trust and good will among residents.
Make a donation.