Human Trafficking and Organ Harvesting

In the past one and a half decades, human and organ trafficking has claimed the lives and rights of thousands of Ugandans. The evil has its seeds sown in the Ugandan community by poverty, unemployment and naivety among the youths most especially graduates since they resort to going overseas looking for instant solutions to home problems, high paying jobs and good working conditions there by ending up trafficked by agents, who promise them lucrative paychecks and benefits.

Worker's Rights

Many workers in Uganda face tremendous obstacles and challenges at their work place. Even acquiring an opportunity has its own additional payments to attain that job, some need to bribe the officials and others mostly the women have to offer sexual satisfaction to get and sustain their jobs. There is need to offer and support technical assistance projects that help to strengthen respect for workers' rights and and sensitization of the labor force regarding to their rights.

Women's Rights and Economic justice

Rural/Urban poor women tend to work in low-wage jobs in the informal sector in poor working conditions coupled with the often-high burden of care and responsibility for children, the pressure to engage in survival sex is a coping mechanism in exchange for goods or protection often emerges. The high stigmatization of such action by both communities and authorities results to women exploitation, and can subsequently impact them, and their children's access to education, protection, or support services.

Our commitment to Human Rights and Good Governance

The value of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights it's vital to all. We make sure that there is promotion of fundamental social rights and these include amongst others the right to equality, dignity, religious and cultural liberty, education, the right to work and fair working conditions, freedom of assembly, the right to information and consultation, and collective bargaining and action.


GRONET believes that respect for human rights will uplift people out of there miseries and allow them to assert their dignity and guarantee sustainable development. We believe that everyone has a right to; be heard, basic services, livelihood, be treated as equal and to be safe from harm. Many people have no access to health services, schooling and safe water. This makes them to be constantly at risk from serious epidemics that can easily be prevented, some are illiterate which leads to exclusion from the society. We believe that all human beings should be valued and treated the same, have a right to influence the decisions that affect their lives and to assume their responsibility as a active citizen.


The public understanding of gender identity and expression is necessary, GRONET works to educate the public and provide a range of resources on issues that transgender and gender non-comforming people have enormous challeges say work discrimination, securing identity documents, finding culturally competent healthcare, family and parenting issues, combating violence and advocate for full inclusion and equality.

How we work

We have many ways to close the gaps. We work with partners and communities to implement programs that lead to self-sustaining livelihoods with a strong focus on the youths, elderly, disabled and women.

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Our campaign

A stronger together inline with the government, we believe that we can achieve a change by unlocking the

great potential in the country to overcome new threats and attain a sustainable human development

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Your Voice, your Choice

You have a right to speak about your needs and concerns. With you, we can get the people in power to listen and to act.

"Our networks and resources are here for you, don't lose hope.
For support please contact us and be heard."

A Call for action where most help is needed


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We are fighting harder than ever before to defend the rights of albinos and the disabled. Join Us by Supporting our campaigns.

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Brutality among the law keepers.
Lets end the violence.

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Let us implement the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination, violence regarding to sexual orientation. Be part of something. DONATE