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Human Trafficking and Organ Harvesting in Uganda

The evil of human trafficking has its seeds sown in the Ugandan community by unemployment, poverty and naivety among the youths most especially graduates since they resort to going overseas looking for instant solutions to home problems, high paying jobs and good working conditions there by ending up trafficked by agents, who promise them lucrative paychecks and benefits. The political class is silent about the issue, Internal security organs hardly provide solutions and Offices concerned simply endorse the movements since the deals are paying astronomical figures.


There is an ever increasing number of cases of persons being trafficked out of Uganda. Some have lost lives while others have survived sustaining permanent scars which are both internal and external, others have incurred psychological problems due to the tortures and some have become drug users since its one of the weapon that traffickers use to weaken them. Many Ugandans live at the mercy of traffickers who end up holding their travel documents and sell them into bondage and others are forced to donate their organs as an exchange for a life. Although boys and men are trafficked, women and girls are more likely to be trafficked and the effects are devastating (Forced prostitution).


There is latent demand to create awareness among school going ages, graduates and small communities that makeup regions in Uganda. Traffickers acknowledge that human and organ trafficking is a bad practice too but goes on silently behind curtains. Victims sign contracts that bind them to the employer and denied basic human rights. The study also showed that young girls in their prime teen and early twenties have much higher chances of being trafficked to work as housemaids, babysitters, cleaners and prostitutes in many parts of the world. This is the greatest evil of our time, human trafficking hence Mordern Slavery.


Our Intervention

In this context, awareness programs serve as a constant reminder in putting a stop to the vice. Creating a mindset where "everyone is each other's brothers' and sister's keeper", policy makers and human rights organizations in the country are advised to rethink their role in legislations against human trafficking, servitude and human Organ harvesting.