Our Long Term Plans


  1. Initially the operations of GRONET will be mainly carried out in Uganda where we have already established our main office/mini-branches, but in the long-run its activities will spread globally.


  2. GRONET shall acquire assets, for purposes of generating sufficient funds to strictly finance most of its development activities. This exercise will enable the company become a genuine and sustainable foundation for development.


  3. Growth Networks Uganda limited shall gradually work towards turning the established savings and credit schemes/SACCO into micro-finance institutions and eventually into village banks to promote rural/urban investments/development. The pace for this process will depend on the economic growth rate of the respective community/district and the country in general. This shall ensure a guaranteed sustainability of the company and also offer an effective response to the prevailing problem of lack of dependable rural/urban credit institutions. Right now, bank services are not available in all the communities and nationwide at large.


  4. GRONET shall acquire a Morden office block by putting up a permanent landmark in the capital city of Uganda-kampala. This shall enable the directors of the company realize their cherished aspirations of establishing a permanent "foundation" that will live/go by its name and also effectively serve the present and future generations. Gradual acquisitions of land and permanent office premises in other districts in Uganda and globally will be achieved as the company continues to grow and support the communities.


  5. We shall be the springboard for allying affiliations of small homogenous groups of women, youth and/or men into larger and powerful associations of producers groups or cooperatives. This will help the poor and underprivileged/disadvantaged to unite, cooperate and have a voice in order to overcome the constraints to their development. This strategy will also facilitate the revival of genuine, strong, self-reliant and autonomous grass-roots cooperative movements which will effectively participate in the government programs of poverty alleviation through the modernization of agriculture and a broad based democracy as a result of the process of enlightenment and empowerment especially of the marginalised and poor women folk, youth, disadvantaged/disabled, HIV/AIDS patients and other related health hazards at the grass-roots levels in the communities. This is in line with the Uganda government change of heart and aim of reviving strong cooperatives movements thus unions in Uganda and other economies.


  6. Operational research, consultancy works, working as commission agents, long term partnership build-ups, health related services, exposures, business/trade links for the community members, country to country contact for citizenships support through networks, local and broad, referrals using the network connections with funding sources and capacity/training development will be key interventions/approaches GRONET company will strategically employ and implement in its day to day operations/activities in relation to its areas of focus.


  7. Growth Networks with much enthusiasm target to put up a standard which will help to educate, mentor orphans/vulnerable especially children from the poor, marginalized communities that in turn will be role models in the country as well as peer educators within their communities.


  8. Setting up a recreational Centre with a well-stocked library to reduce on redundancy/idleness among children and the youths which is syncopated with a number of problems including HIV/AIDS contraction, crime rates, since most of the recreational grounds are cleared by investors/government for development or industrialization.