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About the Youths

There is a strong spirit among the youths, they value faith, hard work and family. The youth are entrepreneurial with the majority aspiring to start their own business rather than pursue careers in law, teaching, medicine or engineering, etc. Although agriculture is one of the leading sectors in Uganda accounting for 23% of the GDP, 30% of total exports and 65% of raw materials for local industries only 12% of the youths want to become farmers. This reveals that while youths are suffering from and concerned about unemployment, they are willing to be part of the solution by creating jobs through entrepreneurship.

Our Mission, Vision and Objectives will not change. Our tools and technology will change. Our strategies will change as our base is forced into new alliances and networks from an economic recession.




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Growth Networks gives thanks to its supporters in the country and around the world, big and small, who have helped to eradicate poverty, fighting for human rights and good governance, HIV/AIDS interventions, environmental protection, capacity building and skills development, public welfare gender and health care. Thanks for your generous support.


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Our Philosophy

"We achieve results by finding innovative solutions that benefit people while protecting the environment."

Our mission

To open up sustainable avenues to empower the people with skills, knowledge and best practices to enable them participate in social economic development and demand for efficient service delivery.

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