Organization Leadership

The Board Members

The governing board is ultimately responsible for the oversight and review of management administration and overall governance of the organization. It's comprised of very 13 (thirteen) experienced members who have served in different capacities in different disciplines and institutions of repute.

The Founder Members

These are the members who felt the need of an initiative that will contribute and play a major role in changing the lives of the citizens and transforming a nation into a viable entity.

- The Management Leadership -

Prince Kimera Mutebi Boogere

Founder/Executive Director

Prince Kimera is a person with a successful progressive record in leadership, Financial Management and social development practice given the period of experience in different fields of service deliveries. This is also coupled with the acquired knowledge in the different disciplines, skills attained during the course of execution of the various works in society. He has Master's in Public Administration and Management, Bachelor's degree in administration, Accounting, 6 Diplomas and several certificates in various disciplines.


Prince Kimera served in Cooperative bank for a period of 20 years he as well served in TASO (The AIDS Support Organization) for 15 years and he received several awards. In TASO, he attended a series of Trainings in HIV/AIDS Care, Counseling, Treatment, Follow-ups, Referrals and Linkages, Community dynamics, Mobilization-drives and sensitizations, Stigma reduction approaches,

Participation and Involvement of Community in the service provision and participation in Conferences, Seminars and workshops where he trained, mentored and sensitized many corporates and citizens in different parts of Africa, Europe, America, Asia and others.
He has visited many African states like Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and others during his follow-ups in different relevant services. He has a proven professional working experience of 15 years with International Agencies & bilateral Donors like USAID, CDC, CSF, DANIDA, UNICEF, SIDA, IRISH EMBASSY plus technical support organizations, local NGOs, CBOs, Local GOV'Ts in implementing funded projects in the fields of community development.


Prince Kimera is serving and served on many different committees internationally and locally. He is a member of BUCADEV of Buganda, A Patron of the Alumni for TEACH Attaches from different parts of African Continent, a member and Delegate of UNASO-Elgon Zone, Member of the NGO Forum, Chairperson of Federation of Uganda Employers-Northern Region, Member of the Eastern Corporate Club, Member of the District Aids Technical Committee, Member of the Management Committee Meeting (MCM) for TASO (U)LTD, Member of the District Planning Committee-Mbale-2008-2012, Chairperson Disciplinary Committee-IUIU-Public Administration Association-2000-2003, Board Member of the Tropical College of Commerce and Commercial Studies.


He is resourceful with knowledge in Medical Practice in the HIV/AIDS setting, NGO Management, Financial Prudence and Banking as well as Trainings, Project Planning, Research, Care and Counseling services with support knowledge on the needy of the neediest with good communication and presentation skills practicing a high sense of honesty, integrity and ethical standards with the ability to articulate over complex issues and coming up with workable solutions with people at all levels and being able to take up management challenges in any development organization and ready to contribute greatly to the improvement of its operations, strategic goals, plans, achievements and objectives in all depicting the professionalism in the entire practical work in the organization. Monitoring and Evaluation of activities is part of his areas of focus as it directs the organization's destination.


- Our Directors -

This is a team of technical people who provide the overall direction and leadership.