A country without poverty

Many people remain poor or are thrown back into poverty because of conflicts,natural disasters, diseases, poor saving mechanism, corruption, or some other shocks which families and communities are just unable to cope with. We create long lasting solutions to cab poverty and empower people to create a future that is secure by developing policy pathways, identifying the most appropriate sequence of inerventions and investments, given our strategies and plans.

How we fight poverty

We live in a world that has sufficient resources, means, and knowledge to solve these problems, yet our leaders struggle to find the political courage to tackle them. The blight of poverty demands a powerful and practical moral response to its causes and the impact of poverty on people's lives. Supporting groups that are suffering from exclusions in the labour market or a typical employment and help them to manage the unsustainable transitions in the economy. It's a crucial driver for universal social rights, economic development and quality job creation hence over coming poverty.

Stimulating Women economic development and diversifying livelihood opportunities by encouraging women saving groups.

Promotion of community based microfinance groups has lead to improvement in household incomes and business outcomes.

We aim at extending our service to the most in need especially the fisher folks who have a poor saving mechanism.


Savings and Credit Schemes

Savings and credit schemes are a significant approach in organizing the community. This facilitates the access of financial services to the poor community living in rural and urban centres of which the majority can not access the loans from financial institutions like banks due to different reasons including high interest rates and lack of collateral. Savings starts from organized groups within the targeted settlements through our mobilization efforts and later form up a network of many saving groups say the youth, women, village saving groups.

GRONET trains officers in agreement with the local village leaders and the community to create and lead these groups, interested members of the community form initial groups and start saving as well as receiving series of trainings by trained officers. These officers are responsible for froming and overseeing a target number of groups in the village/community and its surrounding areas, the officers are tasked to identify and train 5 more agents and mentor them as they each also form an identify more groups and the process continues in the near by communities. The savings and credit groups enables the community to access loans on low interest reates and an easy way to get a loan during emergencies.
GRONET has a variety of saving schemes which aim at differnt purposes. Promotion of these community based microfinance groups leads to improvement in household business outcomes, women's empowerment and strong welfare impacts.


The development of microcredit and micro savings products for the poor is the one of the ways of promoting informal savings-led microfinance groups that emulate and improve the lives of the rural and urban poor in Uganda. The appeal of savings and credit scheme approach is shown by the growth of these groups which now reach over 0.2 million in Uganda after only a few years of significant expansion efforts. There is need to create and expand such groups viewing them as grassroots and low-cost mechanism to provide financial services to the poor.

Urban Poor Fund

This is afinancial development mechanism developed. It's a mechanism that enables urban poor people and institutions to access finances by building their own capacities. The aim of the fund is to provide an affordable source of capital to a number of marginalzed people who are unable to access loans from traditional financial institutions. We provide affordable loans for land acquisition, housing construction and upgrading, income generation activities, etc. The source of capital for the funds is from grants and soft loans from donors.

Working together

By working together, we enhance our collective impact and cost effectiveness, and contribute to a just country/economy without poverty. Donate to support the rural and urban poor marginalzed people.