Our Short term plans


  1. GRONET shall continue in strengthening community mobilization and raise awareness on environmental protection and conservation, work towards providing linkages and referrals for HIV/AIDS control and supportive service, contribute to food security etc for the benefit of the present and future generations.


  2. Through advocacy, lobbying and networking activities, GRONET has and intends to strengthen linkages and bridge the existing gaps between the government, donors/partners and the local grass-roots communities. This partnership approach is to ensure that the local communities effectively participate in the development process, hence guaranteeing them and their families a permanent accessibility to resources and opportunities for improving their livelihoods.


  3. Capacity building and skills development/training of GRONET staff and the local communities, This enables the local/grass-root communities to be much more responsive to programs geared towards community emancipation from the causes and effects of diseases, poverty, exploitation, ignorance, negative paradigms etc.


  4. Sustainable and viable savings and credit schemes/SACCOs for the benefit of local communities and their groups will be strengthened. This is intended to redress the principal macro-problem of shortage of affordable institutional credit facilities in the rural areas, and also to encourage the rural folk to embrace a saving culture that will spur investments for sustainable national economic national economic development.


  5. Growth networks Uganda limited is to be at forefront to emancipate the disadvantaged and marginalised sections of the local communities (women folk, youth and disabled) in the country. The main focus should be geared towards narrowing the existing gender disparities generally encountered during the implementation of development projects/programs. Therefore gender mainstreaming is of great importance if any meaningful development should be registered among the rural/urban poor.


  6. GRONET shall continue with the expansion and strengthening of partnership network-connections both at local and international levels. This is intended to make the company firmly and widely visible and thus become a reliable conduit/channel for information dissemination/distribution and resource mobilization and flow to rural/urban grass-roots communities.