Growth Networks has a volunteers’ policy in place. This is a friendly policy given that service provision is no longer restricted to only full time staff. Through this type of engagement a lot of expertise is demonstrated, shared experience received and further exposure benefiting both the individuals and the organization. It’s important to give opportunities were its applicable as at most times it’s a determinant to progress and prosperity. All over the world, volunteer services are practiced and they have yielded positive results. Our internship program aims to inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities, providing individuals the opportunity to develop skills needed for a successful career. We benefit from this service locally and internationally as an initiative measure of improving service provision, sharing best practices that can pronounce positive transformation of our people.

Why you Volunteer at GRONET

While at GRONET, You will feel part of something outside your friends and family, gain experience and some times even qualifications. Throughout the internship, interns work closely with their managers and Human Resources to ensure a meaningful work experience.
Be part of the GRONET family and have fun.


Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
It's agood start to finding an opportunity that's right for you, you gain confidence by getting a chance to try out something new and builld areal sense of achievement. It helps you to challenge yourself by trying out something different, attaining personal goals and discovering hidden talents within yourself.
Volunteer for Others but also for Yourself.

Volunteering and Internship Opportunities

NetWork With Us,
NetWork for Good

GRONET through its established structure as an organization seeks and invites current students, recent graduates, interested individuals and institution of higher learning both local and international to apply through our e-mail address“careers@gronet.org" and send details of need: Cover letter, Curriculum vitae (CV), academic documents and the terms of reference if any. The management will definitely respond where possible offer is in place or not depending on the circumstances at that moment. We encourage applicants to apply those within Uganda and abroad.

We have Seven (7) directorates that have the mandate in delivering services to the beneficiaries especially the communities and the country at large. We encourage all potential applicants to apply for vancancies in these directorates, and they are:
Directorate of;

    • Audit and Compliance.
    • Programs and Social Development.
    • Finance and Investment.
    • Human Resource, Administration and Capacity Development.
    • Advocacy/Marketing and Community Mobilization.
    • Agriculture and Environmental Protection.
    • Cooperatives, Consultancy, Research and international Relations,


Thank you for your interest in working with Growth Networks.
Please contact us for more information.