Human Rights and Good Governance

We want a nation where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting their lives. We create long lasting solutions to cab poverty and empower people to create a future that is secure.



Women's Rights and Economic justice

The current economic model with its strong focus on profit-led growth is increasingly recognized for its role in perpetuating this inequality and poverty – and women are impacted disproportionately across the globe. The rising power and extended reach of corporations in the current era of globalization and extreme inequality is an urgent challenge confronting women and oppressed peoples today. Deplorable working conditions, appropriation of community land and natural resources, lack of access to quality public services, and the invisibility of unpaid and low paid informal work are some of the impacts of the current status that need to change. Many female domestic workers experience sexual assault and abuse at the hands of their employers. It is the intersection of the worker's identities (e.g. female, poor, foreign citizen) that put her in the position of vulnerability. The majority of immigrants are women – women who are often concentrated in low-wage jobs without access to health care and other benefits, women who have fewer protections from gender-based violence, and women who disproportionately suffer from failed immigration policies.

" You have a right to speak about your needs and concerns. With you, we can get the people in power to listen and to act."

Our Intervention

We facilitate and strengthen the involvement of diverse women's rights organizations and activists, including young feminists by:

      Strengthening the capacity of women's rights advocates, organizations and movements to engage in deeper exchange, learning, reflection and informed action on the ways in which economic forces affect them.
      Supporting the opening and defending of public spaces in which women can meaningfully participate in the promotion of alternatives and the democratic development of their communities.
      Encouraging the participation of feminist and women's rights groups within international arenas of governance to advance their agendas for just economies.
      Commissioning feminist research, analysis, and documentation to highlight how the economy is affecting women's lives, while pressing for recognition of women's struggles, knowledge, propositions and aspirations.
      We're advancing immigrants' rights in support of women. We demand a rights-based approach to development with women's rights.