Human Rights and Good Governance

We want a nation where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting their lives. We create long lasting solutions to cab poverty and empower people to create a future that is secure.



Worker's Rights

Uganda has over 20.7 million, this labor force faces enormous challenges in their day to day work, there is high discrimination in the workplace on the basis of tribe, race, religion, sex, political opinion, national or social origin, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, career status, age, physical features, and other grounds that can create significant obstacles to actively participating in the labor force and obtaining decent work opportunities. Even acquiring an opportunity has its own additional payments to attain that job, some need to bribe the officials and others mostly the women have to offer sexual satisfaction to get and sustain their jobs. A variety of workers in Uganda face tremendous obstacles and challenges at their place, some are over worked, underpaid, harassed, no insurance and compensation, no job security, late payment and others face enormous violence.
                                        "Everyone has a right no matter who he/she is".

Freedom of association is the right of workers and employers to organize to defend their interests, including for the purpose of negotiating salaries, benefits, and other conditions of work. It is a fundamental right that underpins democratic representation and governance. Collective bargaining is an essential element of freedom of association. It helps to ensure that workers and employers have an equal voice in negotiations and provides workers the opportunity to seek to improve their living and working conditions. Effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining can contribute to economic development and growth by increasing certainty and stability in the workplace and improving labor-management relations.

" You have a right to speak about your needs and concerns. With you, we can get the people in power to listen and to act."

Our Intervention

      We focus on participating in international and regional foras that address workers' rights issues, we work with government in the development and implementation of workers' rights issues and We monitor worker's rights-related provisions and receive and review complaints or "submissions" alleging that those provisions have been violated. We aim at offering technicalv support projects that help to strengthen respect for workers' rights and as well as sensitizing the labor force regarding to their rights through seminars, conferences and also conduct research and publish reports on workers' rights including child labor and forced labor. By promoting effective methods and sharing best practices in country on eliminating workplace discrimination, we strive to increase the labor force participation and improve the work environment of groups vulnerable to discrimination.


Through this work, we hope to improve government enforcement of laws and policies that protect freedom of association and collective bargaining, and expand worker influence on government, employers, and society to protect worker rights.