Our Gallery

Some of the elderly that need help in this convid-19 pandemic.

She can nolonger afford to support her family due to the lockdown in the country

Serious group-learning taking place.

Preparations for training session in progress at the Gronet office.

A briefing from the ED to women before the start of the training session

A variety of crafts that women learn especially that has a wider market and demand from society.

Women preparing materials for learning especially for liquid soap a skill given to women for survival economically.

Young boy displaying his made art piece ready for the market.

Some of finished works say small bags, and hand bangles that are done by women.

A woman instructor showing women a particular motif in craft that they need to learn to competitively target the available market.

Through Workshops, we convene diverse stakeholders to solve toughest problems.

Incessant Support through sharing has improved life standards of many clients.

Vulnerable children need support and basic education.

Strengthening activities by engaging with those who merit service and support.

Supporting community leaders to enhance their leadership skils.

Human rights violation, starts and ends with you.

Protecting families against violence.

Promoting agricultural sustainabilty ensures food security among the vulnerables.

Value addition through targeted agriculture has increased household incomes.

The poor drainage system in the vulnerable communities has left majority in jeopardy.

Poverty alleviation programs must be focused to unemployed youths in such places.

Sanitation in the slumy areas is still a bottleneck, it calls for everyone's concern.